Goal 1:

Reduce impact of wildfires through fuel reduction and education.

Objective: Reduce the occurrence and impacts of wildfire on 5,000 acres with emphasis in the Wildland Urban Interface and extending throughout the region, addressing soil loss and damage to the ecosystems.

Goal 2:

Improving quality of surface and ground waters to levels identified in the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality standards and quantities required as part of the State of Idaho Department of Water Resources adjudication.

Objective: Education landowners in targeted watershed areas to improve water quality through the voluntary use of best management practices reducing the potential need to implement additional regulations on landowners.

Goal 3:

Improve capacity in 2 communities for health and safety to levels identified by each community in their Gem Community of equivalent plans for maintaining or improving their quality of life.

Objective: Expand or increase the number of infrastructures to provide adequate health, safety, and educational facilities for community services in three rural communities.

Goal 4:

Improve the economic potential in 3 communities in the next 5 years through educational or recreation opportunity development as identified in the Idaho/Oregon Snake River Water Trail or equivalent plan.

Objective: Improve three recreational and one educational facility and conduct 5 awareness campaigns on ethical responsibilities to meet the growing population needs for rural and urban natural resource experiences.

Objective: Increase the identification, planning and implementation of infrastructure improvements in rural communities by facilitating financial acquisition and administration for 2 communities in the next 5 years.

Goal 5:

Increase the Resource Conservation and Development Council’s capacity to efficiently conduct operations and build its program.

Objective: Increase RC&D Council capacity leadership by having at least one Council member participate annually in each of the expanded RC&D network meetings.

Objective: Strengthen RC&D program operations and outreach through education and involvement of Council members, sponsors and partners.

Goal 6:

Enhance, restore or protect 10,000 acres of ecosystems in the next 5 years while protecting individual land rights and local ways of life, as well as unique, cultural and historical land uses.

Objective: Increase levels of protection to quality fish and wildlife habitats on 2,000 acres per year for the next 5 years.

Objective: Increase urban open space by providing 20 acres in connection with development.

Objective: Increase levels of protection from noxious weeds on 5,000 acres used for rural agricultural farm and ranch industries in the next 5 years.

Objective: Increase Wildlife, Watershed Health, Access, Recreation, and Restoration on 5,000 acres in the Payette National Forest.

Objective: Increase Wildlife, Watershed Health, Access, Recreation, and Restoration on 5,000 acres in the Boise National Forest.